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My Cookbook Memoir
Grace, Soul & Motherwit, available now!

People know me as "Aunt Vivian" from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Throughout my years of work on television, and since then, I have traveled the world and captured images of portals, doors, gates, and architectural details. Some of them have sparked a strong emotional response in me, a fascination that takes me back to my childhood, endlessly exploring what was behind the many doors that surrounded me. In sharing my photographic art with you, I hope to inspire your childhood sense of wonder and curiosity with my four published BOOKS of doors from around the world. I have also published a mini-memoir in the form of a COOKBOOK, entitled Grace, Soul & Motherwit, all ON SALE NOW!
I'm not quite finished! I have created a line of CLOTHING called Daphne Style and have been custom making linen swing coats and silk brocade toppers by the dozens!
There's so much to share, so dive into my website and see how my God-given creativity has opened the world to me.

Books and note card prices reduced!

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My 2019 Collection of Daphne Style is a three-season linen swing coat in colors that will keep your spirits raised all year.