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Valley of the Temples
Agrigento, Sicily

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Sunset continued

The Glory of SICILY

Palermo, Agrigento, Noto, Taormina, Siracusa, & Ragusa

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Delve into my 40 year journey toward the publishing of my mini-memoir, as told with photographs, letters, recipes and remembrances of the people who have embraced me along my path. Learn how to set up your own memory-making-kitchen with recipes, pantry lists, fridge lists, how to set a table, what those cooking terms mean, and lots of other useful basic knowledge, as well as encouragement, humor, and inspiration. You can do it!


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These images from around the world, including Cape Verde Islands, Italy, Germany, England, Morocco, and Spain, reveal Daphne's vision and philosophy. Come join her on the expedition…turn the pages…open the doors…explore, investigate, ponder, and enjoy.


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Pride is the overwhelming theme that I see throughout the Cuban culture. It is manifest in their stature, their neighborhoods, their art, and their music, all born from the creativity inherent in "making do with what one has".



Brugge and Antwerp

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This volume is dedicated to the dreamer and adventure-seeker in all of us! Live a rich life noticing the details.


Auvillar, Toulouse, & Paris

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I hope you will linger with this collection and enjoy the colors and textures of the remarkable details found in these beautiful doors.



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5 blank note cards & 5 envelopes
My most requested blank note cards from my collections.
Also available in larger quantities @ $2.00 per card (envelope included)